Top 5 Most Valuable Sixers

Disregarding the Sixers’ most recent losses to the Magic and the Hawks , they have been on quite a tear beating elite teams like Indiana, Milwaukee, and most notably the Celtics(finally) . As the Sixers make their final playoff push, we’re going to analyze which players have had the biggest impact on this year’s squad.


5.) J.J. Redick


While J.J.’s player efficiency has dipped slightly due to his two point decrease in three point percentage from his career average, he is still the leader of the Sixers’ three point attack. Redick is scoring 4.8 points above his career average and without him the amount of buckets being scored from beyond the arc would diminish tremendously.


4.) Tobias Harris


Tobi has been having a phenomenally efficient season in the new look Sixers’s offense, showing increases in basically every statistical category. Most importantly, he is simply a go-to bucket the Sixers that can score from anywhere on the floor, providing much needed scoring relief to Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Particularly, his evolved three point jump shot has led to a five point increase in his three point percentage, adding another scoring weapon the Sixers desperately needed pre-All Star Break.


3.) Ben Simmons


Although Ben still has glaring holes in his game, he has maintained his position as an integral facilitator on the floor. His efficiency from the field and from the free throw line have improved since last year and he is looking more aggressive especially in the post area which is opening up shots for Harris, Embiid, Butler, and Redick. He just finds who’s open and that’s an underrated skill in today’s NBA.


2.) Jimmy Butler


The Sixers’ biggest issue through last season and the first half of this season was playing clean, turnover-free basketball in the fourth and finishing ball games and Jimmy G. Buckets has fixed that issue pretty handedly. His real plus/minus when he’s on the floor leads shooting guards this year and his clutch play has propelled the Sixers to valuable wins.


1.) Joel Embiid


The best big man in the NBA, Joel Embiid, continues to dominate and lead this Sixers team on both sides of the ball. He is averaging 27.3 points a game, 13.4 rebounds per game, and is shooting 48.3% from the field, all career highs. JoJo’s talent and presence on the floor is truly the fire behind what makes this Sixers team special.

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